Prof Peter CloughProfessor of Psychology

I joined MMU after a lengthy career at Hull University. At Hull, I was Head of Psychology on three occasions and also was Associate Dean (Learning and Teaching). I lead the departments' Knowledge Exchange activities.

Research Interests

I am interested in performance under pressure and performance enhancement. More specifically, I research in the area of Mental Toughness. I have written two books about this interesting concept and have produced numerous academic papers relating to my 4 'C' model. The research is carried out in partnership with a number of other institutions including: The University of Basle; University of Lincoln; University of Leeds, University of Newcastle and the University of Edinburgh. The work started in the sports domain, but is now extensively used in both business and education. Ongoing projects are looking at the possibility of enhancing mental toughness and the cognitive underpinnings of the 'mental toughness' advantage. The expertise gained is used to enhance student performance and employability within MMU.

Research Projects

  • 2012-2013: KTP Grant - £126,000
    “Developing and marketing psychometric instruments” - lead/only applicant
  • 2013: Novartis grant - £50,000
    Risk Management Project - lead applicant
  • 2011: Commercial research grant - £58,000
    Hull Kingston Rovers - with Dr Keith Earle and other SHES colleagues
  • 2010: Vivergo Bio Fuels (O.D.) grant - £30,000
    Mental Toughness Consultancy project - lead applicant
  • 2007: EPSRC grant - £571,217
    Physics based virtual environment for training in vascular interventional radiological procedures - co-investigator
  • 2005: £30,000 grant
    Humberside Police Murder Incident room evaluation - principal investigator

Professional Body Membership and Activity

I am both a Chartered Sport Psychologist and a Chartered Occupational Psychologist.

Research Outputs

Authored Books

Strycharczyk, D & Clough, P.J. (In press) Developing mental toughness in young people for the 21st century. Karnac: London

Clough, P.J. & Strycharczyk, D (2012) Developing memtal toughness: Improving performance, wellbeing and positive behaviour in others. Kogan Page:London

Book Chapters

Clough, P.J, Earle, F., Earle, K. and Perry, J.L. (In press) "Mental Toughness", in Strycharczyk D. & Elivin, C. (eds.) Developing Resilient Organisations. Kogan Page: London

Main, C.J., Watson, P.J., Clough, A.E. and Clough P.J. (In press) "Psychological aspects of Musculoskeletal Pain", in Oxford textbook of Musculoskeletal Medicine. Oxford University Press

Clough, P.J. & Strycharczyk, D (2012) "Mental toughness and its role in the development of young people", in C. Van Nieuwerburgh (ed.) Coaching in Education: Getting better results for students, educators and parents. Karnac: London

Clough, P.J. & Strycharczyk, D (2010) "Psychometrics in Leadership", in J. Passmore (ed.) Leadership Coaching. Kogan Page:London

Polman, R.J., Clough P.J. & Levy, A. (2010) "Personality and Coping in Sport: The Big Five and Mental Toughness", in A.R. Nicholls (ed.) Coping in Sport: Theory, Methods, and Related Constructs. New York: Nova Science Inc

Clough, P.J. & Strycharczyk, D (2008) "Developing reslience through coaching", in J. Passmore (ed.) Psychometrics in Coaching. Kogan Page: London

Journal Articles

Stamp, E., Crust, L., Perry, J. L., Swann, C., Clough, P. J., & Marchant, D. (In press) "Relationships between mental toughness and psychological wellbeing in undergraduate students", Personality and Individual Differences

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Conference Presentations

Clough, P. (2014) "Use of Mental Toughness for coaching", invited speaker at NHS Wirral and Merseyside Coaching Conference

Clough, P. (2012) "Introduction to Mental Toughness: research and application", invited speaker at International Conference on Instructional Coaching, University of Kansas, 15-17 October

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Current Teaching Input

I contribute to a number of undergraduate and postgraduate modules including:

  • Coaching Psychology
  • Applied Psychology
  • Employability

I have supervised 9 PhDs and numerous other postgraduate students to completion.

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