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Editorial Board for British Journal of Learning Disabilities
Editorial Board, Learning Disability Practice
International Advisory Board, Journal of Learning Disabilities
International Advisory Board, Nurse Education in Practice
Editorial Board, British Journal of Learning Disabilities

Research Outputs

Edited Books

Traustadottir R., Townson R., Ingham L., Ledger S., Ledger N., Mitchell D. (eds) 2006. "Exploring Experiences of Advocacy by People with Learning Disabilities: Testimonies of Resistance". Jessica Kingsley.
isbn: 978-1-843103-59-2 (1-843103-59-1)


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isbn: 978-1-843103-59-2

Welshman J., Mitchell D. 2006. "In the Shadow of the Poor Law: Workforce Issues" in: J. Welshman and J. Walmsley (eds) Community Care in Perspective: Care, Control, and Citizenship. London.
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Neville L., Mitchell D. 2005. "Importance of accurate documentation, legal, ethical and policy issues" in: K. Ousey (eds) Pressure Area Care. Blackwell Publishing.
isbn: 1-405112-25-5

Journal Articles

Chapman, M., Hare, D., Caton, S., Donalds, D., McInnes, E. and Mitchell, D. (2013) "The Use of Mindfulness with People with Intellectual Disabilities: a Systematic Review and Narrative Analysis", Mindfulness (Currently Online First article)

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Conference Presentations

Stansfield J., Chadwick D., Mitchell D., Caton S., Chapman M. and Turnbull S. 2012. "Self-image and interdependence: how older people with intellectual disabilities see themselves." - accepted for: IASSID Conference, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

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Mitchell D. 2001. "Oppressors and oppressed: exploring the history of learning disability nursing, Exploring Issues in Nursing History, Cinderella Services" at: South Bank University. UK.

Research Reports

Northway R., Mitchell D., Kaurmann K. 2006. "Review of Learning Disability Research 1995-2003" for General Nursing Council for England and Wales Trust. General Nursing Council for England and Wales Trust. pp.93

Supervised Research Student Titles

Emotional Intelligence in Pre-Registration Nursing

Partnership in Practice

Academic achievement of hearing impaired children in Malaysia following the introduction of 'total communication' in the

Investigating the life experiences of children with SLD and their families

What criteria do Health Professionals, and others involved, apply in order to determine competence to consent to treatment of people with learning disabilities in acute care settings

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