Dr Yin-Ling LinLecturer in Research Methods

Personal Profile

I have a BSc in food science and an MSc in food biotechnology. My MSc studies stimulated an interest in science and society issues, which I pursued through a further MSc in food management and a PhD in Science and Technology Studies (STS). These gave me a formal training in social research methods and interdisciplinary analytical skills. I am currently a lecturer in Research Methods at Manchester Metropolitan University.


University of Nottingham Graduate School Travel Prize
ASFS/AFHVS support fund
The Universitas 21 Prize Scholarship

Specialist Areas

I have a particular interest in Science and Technology Studies (STS) as applied to food. In addition, my research interest is wide due to the interdisciplinary academic training I have received. I am also interested in the debates in research methods and the ways in which some of the symbolic interactionists' worldview can contribute to qualitative data analysis. In my PhD research, I was fascinated by young people's discourse about their everyday life. The first part of my research investigates the way in which young people talked about their family food practices, which stimulated my interest in studies about family and the construction of family images in their discourse.

Research Outputs

Conference Presentations

Lin, Y. (2012) "Rethinking research for Genetically Modified (GM) food", accepted by International Conference on Social Sciences 2012, Venice, Italy, April

Lin, Y. (2009) "Undergraduate students' discourse about acquiring information - a case study of GM food", Postgraduate Science and Technology Studies Conference, University of Nottingham, UK, July

Lin, Y. (2008) "Nottingham University students' discourse and practice about science and technology applied to food", Society for Social Studies of Science & European Association for the Study of Science and Technology conference, Erasmus MC Rotterdam, The Netherlands, August

Lin, Y. (2008) "University of Nottingham students' discourse about GM food". A poster at BSA Food Study Group Conference: Food, Society and Public Health, The British Library Conference Centre, London, UK, July

Lin, Y. (2008) "Food for thought: Public understanding of science in food", The 21st joint annual meeting of ASFS/AFHVS: Resilient Culinary Cultures: Disaster, Innovation and Change in Foodscapes. Association for the Study of Food and Society and the Agriculture, Food and Human Values Society, New Orleans, USA, June


Department of Food and Tourism Management

Email: y.lin@mmu.ac.uk