Dr Tsitsi ChataikaHonorary Research Fellow

Specialist Areas

Postcolonial Theory and Disability
Policy and Provision of Disabled Students in Higher Education
Inclusive Education
Visual Impairment
British Council Funded Project: Towards a Culturally Sensitive Disability Studies
Interconnections of Disability Studies in and Across Malaysia and the UK - Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Research Interests

Culturally Sensitive Disability Research
Poverty and Disability
Gender and Disability
Mainstreaming Disability in Development
Disability and HIV and AIDS
Disability Theory, Policy and Practice
Narrative Research

Editorships and Consultancies

Editor, Disability Studies Association Monthly e-newsletter
Member of the Overseas Editorial Board - Disability & Society Journal
Referee and Book Reviewer - John Wiley & Sons Publishers
Editor - Disability Studies Association (UK) International E-Newsletter
Peer Reviewer - Journal of Psychology in Africa


Double winner of the 2008 Afro-Brits Awards, (Contribution to Education and Female Achiever of Year 2008) held on 25th July 2008, Leeds.
Trustee of the Zimbabwe Disabled People's Training and Education Trust, (December 2006-present)
European Social Fund Jobs not Charity Project http://www.shef.ac.uk/jobsnotcharity/ - Research Associate (University of Sheffield) in association with Breakthrough UK Ltd and Greater Manchester Coalition of Disabled People. March 2004 - December 2005
Member of the Disability Studies Association (UK), (2004 to present)
Excellence Research Scheme Award (University of Sheffield - Academic Visit to Pennsylvania State University, USA (2006)
2005-2007 Member, Centre of Applied Disability Studies, University of Sheffield, England

Research Outputs


Lawthom, R. and Chataika, T. (2012) "Communities of practice and disability studies", in D.Goodley, B.Hughes and L.Davis (Eds) Disability and social theory. London: Routledge

Chataika T. 2009. "Inclusion of Disabled Students in Higher Education in Zimbabwe" in: J.Lavia and M.Moore (eds) Cross-Cultural Perspectives on Policy and Practice: Decolonizing Community Contexts. New York: Routledge.
isbn: 978-0-415997-69-0

Journal Articles

Mutepfa M.M., Mpofu E., Chataika T. 2007. "Inclusive Education Practices in Zimbabwe: Curriculum, Family and Policy Issues" Childhood Education, vol.83 no.6, pp.342-346
issn: 0009-4056 url: http://www.thefreelibrary.com/Inclusive+education+in+Zimbabwe%3a+policy%2c+curriculum%2c+practice%2c...-a0168163364

Conference Presentations

Chataika T. 2006. "Education in Africa: Unpacking the History" at: United Nations Working Group. Sheffield, UK.

Chataika T. 2005. "Narrative Research: What's in a Story?" at: 8th NORDIC Disability Conference. Oslo, Norway.

Current Teaching Input

I supervise three doctoral students studying at Zimbabwe Open University, Harare, Zimbabwe. Two of them are researching on gender and disability, and the other one on visual impairment.

Research Centre

Health, Rehabilitation and Psychology


Senior Lecturer, Disability Studies & Special Needs Education
Faculty of Applied Social Sciences
Zimbabwe Open University

Email: chataikat@zou.ac.zw