Mrs Sally Jayne HartleySenior Lecturer

Research Interests

Cryotherapy and water immersion
Sports injury rehabilitation
Investigating the current use of water immersion for post-exercise recovery in professional football and rugby union.

Professional Body Membership and Activity

Chartered Society of Physiotherapy
Health Professions Council

Research Outputs

Hardaker N.J., Moss A.D., Richards J., Jarvis S., McEwan I.M. and Selfe J. (2007). The Relationship between Skin Surface Temperature Measured via Non-contact Thermal Imaging and Intra-muscular Temperature of the Rectus Femoris Muscle. Thermology International, 17(2), pp.45-50 issn: 1560-604X
Hartley, S.J. Hardaker N.J., Selfe J Moss A.D. and McEwan I.M. (2008) Skin temperature and intramuscular temperature responses produced by 15 minutes of ice pack treatment in healthy subjects. The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy Congress 2008, Manchester, UK.

Hardaker N.J., Moss A.D., Richards J., Jarvis S., McEwan I.M. and Selfe J. (2006). The relationship between skin surface temperature measured via non-contact Thermal Imaging and intra-muscular temperature of the Rectus Femoris muscle at: 10th European Congress of Medical Thermology, 9th National Congress of the Polish Association of Thermology, 19th Thermological Symposium of the Austrian Society of Thermology. Zakopane, Poland.

Research Centre

Health, Rehabilitation and Psychology


Health Professions Department (Physiotherapy)
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