Dr Rae StoryHonorary Senior Research Fellow, RIHSC, MMU

I use photography as well as a range of media in my work with community groups and individuals to enable people to explore the way that they see and interact with the world around them. Following my background in Psychology & Anthropology the themes of my work includes: communication, relationships (with self, other & environment), and impermanence. Two areas to which my work frequently returns are creative urban explorations of the lived-in city, and social documentation using oral history and photography to reveal peoples' stories about themselves and their lives which constitute an ongoing changing life trajectory that helps to provide meaning and make sense of our diverse life events. Often my work culminates in bespoke, high quality publications and exhibitions of artwork that serve to celebrate the work and achievements of local people and to challenge the stereotypes of these communities. I am not an art therapist. However, I choose to work with members of the community who are often socially isolated and excluded, including people with severe and enduring mental health problems, refugees, asylum seekers, unemployed people, young people at risk and older people.
Rae Story

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Social Change & Wellbeing


St Luke's Art Project

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