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Research Interests

I am currently a PhD candidate within the faculty. My Doctorate will combine my interests in social science research methods with my interest in the cultural constructions of sex/uality. Adopting a focus on cultural narratives, my study examines how enduring (and fixed?) stories of the male homosexual are in our culture. I am also interested in how those stories might be changed using auto-ethnographic, critical self-reflexive and creative fiction writing approaches.

At the most general level, I am interested in the ways in which sex/uality is shaped for and by a range of identity positions and stages in the life-cycle. More specifically, my current work explores how current legislation on same-sex marriage (re)shapes the cultural landscapes available for those identifying as gay men and/or those engaged in male, same-sex genital relations.

Research Grants

Invited co-researcher: Benozzo, A, Barbiero, G. Lenti Goero, D. Carey, N & Einarsdottir, A (2012) "Il genere e l’identitA sessuale come categorie di conoscenza: una ricerca interdisciplinare sulla formazione dell’identita sessuale e di genere nella prima adolescenza" ("Gender and sexual identity as categories of knowledge: interdisciplinary research on the formation of sexual identity and gender in early adolescence").
Awarded by Universita Della Valle D'Aosta. €32,000


Reviewer for:
Qualitative Research Journal
Qualitative Research in Organizations and Management
Becoming or Unbecoming? LGBT research in the 21st Century, Nov 2008, Northumbria University

Co-ordinator of Faculty International Group. Health, Psychology & Social Care, Manchester Metropolitan University (2011-present)

Member of:
MMU, University International Strategy Steering Group (2008-present)
HPSC, Faculty Research Degrees Committee (2008-present)

Research Outputs

Book Chapters

Goddard, A & Carey, N (in press) "Sexuality and the language of advertising", in Pat Whelehan & Anne Bolin (eds), Encyclopedia of Human Sexuality. Wiley-Blackwell

Benozzo, A., C. Carey, McKenna, T & Vicars, M (2012) "Gay and Queer Coming out into Europe (Parts 1 & 2): Fragmentary Tales of Crossing National Borders", in Vicars, M. et al. eds. (2012) Discourse , Power, and Resistance Down Under, pp.41-76, Rotterdam, The Netherlands: Sense Publishers

Journal Articles

Carey, N & Vicars, M (Invited: forthcoming) "Exercising Class: Appropriating 'Chav'", Special issue: Gender, language and the Media, Gender and Language

Conference Presentations

Carey, N, Horrocks, C, Stansfield, J & Wright, J (2013) "Think global, act local: establishing international collaborations", Consortium on Applied Research and Professional Education (CARPE) conference at MMU, 4-6November

Carey, N (2013) "A snapshot of gay male print media: Respectability seeks rough trade", RIHSC conference, Manchester Metropolitan University, 4-5July 2013

Carey, N (2013) "Respectability seeks rough trade - a cultural economics of the homonorm", Paper presented as part of a panel: Sawyer, R. Benozzo, A. Carey N. & Mountain, I (2013) Unseating heteronormativity <=> troubling homonormativity at 9th International Congress of Qualitative Inquiry, University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign, US, 15-18 May

Carey, N (2013) "Data Playgroud: Culture's Fictions and the Homosexual - F**king with Qualitative Psychology", A day in Psychology: 9th International congress of Qualitative Inquiry, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, US, 15-18 May

Carey, N. Fisher, J & Crumbleholme, H (2013) "Innovation through embodied learning", selected video poster on Innovations in Teaching and Learning. Screened at UAS Days Seminar, Turku University of Applied Sciences, Finland, 14-15 May

Carey, N (2012) "Queer Fiction. Queerer Social Science?" Gender in English Studies International Symposium: the fluidity and constestability of gender and sexuality: University of Szczecin, 19-21 October

Carey, N (2012) "Impact of Internationalising the Curriculum on course and staff management", HEA seminar series: Internationalising the curriculum - Improving staff development initiatives. Manchester Metropolitan University, 14 September

Carey, N (2012) "Queering Social Science through fiction", RIHSC conference, Manchester Metropolitan University, 2-3 July

Carey, N (2012) "Sex/uality: a place in social care", Faculty of Well-being Services, Turku University of Applied Sciences, Finland, 18-20 April

Carey, N (2011) "'Coming Out' - still productive?" Faculty of Health, Psychology & Social Care, Manchester Metropolitan University

Benozzo, A. Carey, N. McKenna, T & Vicars, M. (2011) "Queer(in) the qualitative", Invited symposium at Will the Real Evidence Please Stand Up: Politicising Qualitative Research. Discourse, Power Resistance Down Under; Cairns, Australia, 23-25 August 2011

Current Teaching Input

Unit leader for "Sex, Sexuality & Identity" - level 6
Co-leader for "Reading and Researching Social Change" - Level 6
Co-leader for "Independent Study for Social Care" - Level 6
Co-leader for "Mapping Professional Practice for Social Care" - Level 4

Other Responsibilities

PL International Development (0.5)
Social Work/Social Change team member (0.5)
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