Dr Lisa OakleySenior Lecturer in Psychology

Specialist Areas

Spiritual abuse, self, counselling psychology

Research Interests

Understanding Spiritual Abuse in the UK, developing effective support and counselling strategies for survivors of Spiritual Abuse & Understanding
Evaluating the role of Family Co-ordinators in the school environment.

Research Outputs

Authored Books

Oakley L.R. 2004. "Cognitive Development". Routledge.
isbn: 0-415242-34-5

Conference Presentations

Kinmond K., Oakley L.R. 2007. "'The silence stops us from realising just how big this problem really is': Exposing Spiritual Abuse." at: Counselling Things Unsaid, Keele, UK .

Oakley L.R., Kinmond K. 2007. "Seminar: How 'informed' is informed consent?" at: IDS department, MMU..

Kinmond K., Oakley L.R. 2006. "'It really is time to wake up and smell the coffee'. Implications of spiritual abuse for counsellors" at: British Association for Counselling Psychotherapy Annual research conference.

Oakley L.R. 2006. "Seminar: Is it really good to tell your story. Using narratives to explore Spiritual Abuse" at: SCWB seminar series, RIHSC, MMU. Manchester, UK.

Oakley L.R. 2006. "Doctoral Symposium: Exploring the Experience of Spiritual Abuse within the Christian Faith in the UK" at: Department of Interdisciplinary Studies, MMU.

Oakley L.R. 2006. "It's time we woke up and smelt the coffee" at: RIHSC conference, MMU. Manchester, UK.

Kinmond K., Oakley L.R. 2006. "This is abuse and people need to know that - counselling for spiritual abuse" at: BACP Conference.

Oakley L.R. 2006. "The Use of Narrative in understanding spiritual abuse" at: Narrative and Memory Research Group 6th Annual Conference.

Oakley L.R., Oakley T. 2006. "Understanding Spiritual Abuse" at: Northwest Conference of the Association of Christian Counsellors.

Kinmond K., Lund N.J., Oakley L.R. 2005. "A Confused, Enigmatic Concept that is Me" at: BPS Science Self and meaning conference.

Oakley L.R. 2005. "The Experience of Spiritual Abuse within the Christian Faith in the UK" at: RIHSC Research Conference.

Oakley L.R. 2005. "Understanding Spiritual abuse" at: South London Christian College.

Oakley L.R., Oakley T. 2005. "Understanding Spiritual Abuse" at: Association of Christian Counsellors Conference.

Oakley L.R. 2004. "A Confused Enigmatic Concept that is me" at: Science, Self & Meaning BPS Conference.

Oakley L.R. 2004. "Doctoral Symposium: Spiritual abuse in the Christian Charismatic Faith" at: Department of Interdisciplinary Studies, MMU.

Hackney M., Oakley L.R. 2003. "Innovation in Assessment" at: Child Study Teaching and Learning Conference. Manchester, UK.

Research Reports

Oakley L.R. 2002. "An Investigation into Multiple Deprivation in Black and Ethnic Minority Individuals Living within the Crewe and Nantwich Borough, with particular focus on pre-school children" for Sure Start Initiative - Crewe Social Services.

Other Types of Output

Oakley L.R., Oakley T. 2005. "Spiritual Abuse - An Unsafe Safe Place" Spring. Caring.
url: http://www.ccpas.co.uk/Articles/Spiritual%20Abuse.htm

Oakley L.R., Oakley T. 2004. "Safety in an unsafe place - Spiritual Abuse" Summer. Magazine of the Tertiary Accord of New Zealand.

Current Teaching Input

Developmental Psychology, Social Psychology, Psychological Inquiry, Individual Differences, Intellectual Development, Psychology of Self.
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