Dr Ken Parsons

Specialist Areas

The Sociology of Youth Culture.
Young People, their Jobs, Education and Training.
The Sociology of Gambling.

Research Interests

Youth Culture, Youth Policy, Young People: their jobs, training and education. Young People and Gambling. The National Lottery. Work and Organisations. Ethnography. Ideology

Research Outputs


Parsons K., Webster D.C.H. 2006. "The Relationship Between Schooling, Family and Work in Children and Young People's Transitions" in: Z. Benko and M. Issitt (eds) Children and Young People: Social Inclusion and Exclusion, Issues and Debates. JGYF Kiado, Szeged.
isbn: 9-637356-17-7

Parsons K. 2002. "Gambling with Danger 1 and 2" in: C. White and Christine A. Shepherd (eds) Fact File. Carrol Press.
isbn: 1-872365-72-8

Conference Presentations

Parsons K. 2005. "Undergraduate Experiences and Reflections on using Independent Study Workbooks" at: 3rd Learning and Teaching Conference, MMU Cheshire.

Parsons K. 2004. "Poster: Undergraduate Experiences and reflections using Independent Study Workbooks" at: 2nd Learning and Teaching Conference MMU Cheshire.

Parsons K. 2001. "Guest Speaker: Escalation of Gambling" at: The Probation Service, Shrewsbury.

Parsons K. 2001. "The Consumption of Gambling in Everyday Life" at: British Sociological Association Jubilee Conference, MMU. Manchester, UK.

Other Types of Output

Parsons K. 2007. "Student satisfactions in Using Work Packs as Aids to Learning" Journal of Learning and Teaching in Action.

Ken Parsons

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