Dr Kathryn KinmondSenior Lecturer

Specialist Areas

Self harm, psychology of the body, counselling psychology, psychology of self, psychology of stroke rehabilitation

Research Interests

Stroke rehabilitation

Professional Body Membership and Activity

British Psychological Society
British Association for Counselling Psychotherapy
British Association Behavioural Cognitive Psychotherapy
North Staffordshire Stroke Research Group

Editorships and Consultancies

Reviewer for Journal of Applied Sport Psychology


Chair, South Staffordshire NHS Research Ethics committee
Joint Liaison Group, Keele University & Staffordshire NHS Research

Research Outputs

Journal Articles

Chatterton H.J., Ewan L., Kinmond K., Haire T., Smith N.C., Holmes P.S. 2008. "Observation of Meaningful Activities: A Case Study of a Personalized Intervention on Post-Stroke Functional State" Journal of Neurologic Physical Therapy, vol.32 no.2, pp.52-59
issn: 1557-0576

Kinmond K. 2003. "'Loss of Self': A Psychosocial study of the quality of life in adults with diabetic foot ulceration" Journal of Tissue Viability, vol.13 no.1, pp.6-16
issn: 0965-206X

Kinmond K. 2001. ""Why Would I Want to Kill Myself?" Self-harm as an Adaptive Response: Young Women's Views" International Journal of Mental Health Promotion, vol.3 no.2, pp.37-44
issn: 1475-9535

Conference Presentations

Kinmond K., Beasley S. 2007. "Self-harm and Fire-setting as adaptive responses to childhood trauma" at: British Psychological Society D CoP Annual research conference.

Kinmond K., Oakley L.R. 2007. "'The silence stops us from realising just how big this problem really is': Exposing Spiritual Abuse." at: Counselling Things Unsaid, Keele, UK .

Oakley L.R., Kinmond K. 2007. "Seminar: How 'informed' is informed consent?" at: IDS department, MMU..

Kinmond K. 2006. "My Body, My Self" at: Cheshire Hospices Annual research conference.

Kinmond K. 2006. "Why do they make me feel like this? Working with self-harm" at: UK Forensic Nurses Association - Research Seminar.

Kinmond K., Oakley L.R. 2006. "'It really is time to wake up and smell the coffee'. Implications of spiritual abuse for counsellors" at: British Association for Counselling Psychotherapy Annual research conference.

Kinmond K., Oakley L.R. 2006. "This is abuse and people need to know that - counselling for spiritual abuse" at: BACP Conference.

Kinmond K., Lund N.J., Oakley L.R. 2005. "A Confused, Enigmatic Concept that is Me" at: BPS Science Self and meaning conference.

Kinmond K. 2005. "A fragile, traumatized self, self-harming, but sane" at: Continuing Professional Development. York, UK.

Kinmond K. 2004. "The search for meaning and sense in evil and human wickedness of Self-Harm" at: 7th International Conference on Evil & Wickedness.

Kinmond K. 2003. "Two heads are better than one" at: 13th conference European Wound Management Association. Proceedings of the 13th conference European Wound Management Association.

Other Types of Output

Kinmond K. 2007. "Spiritual Abuse: raising awareness of a little understood form of abuse" Threshold.

Kinmond A.N., Kinmond K. 2006. "Self Harm" vol.14. Student BMJ. pp.400-400

Supervised Research Student Titles

Cognitive Neuroscience in Stroke Rehabilitation: an observation based intervention

Current Teaching Input

Qualitative Research Methods, Psychology of Self, Health Psychology, Counselling

Other Responsibilities

Pathway Leader: MSc Counselling
Kathryn Kinmond

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Health, Rehabilitation and Psychology


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