Dr Joss West-BurnhamHead of Department

Research Interests

Current research includes:

Book manuscripts

Region, Nation, Belonging - edited collection with co-editor David Roberts ,on the literature of Region and Nation. Completed Manuscript being revised for Peter Lang, UK & Europe- provisional publication date Spring 2011

Writing Landscapes and the Self (working title) with David Roberts, research on nationality and self identity. This is linked to my involvement with the Region and Nation Literature Association (RNLA) and my current postgraduate teaching on a MA/MSc Outdoor Education programme.

Knowledge Transfer Partnerships: An Interdisciplinary Approach with Linda Reichenfeld and Trevor Browne - for Sept 2011


'What's in it for us? An investigation into partnership working between and across Sectors' with S. Hacking (University of Central Lancashire) -in preparation for publication from completed Research Project (see below)

'Building on what's already there: engaging universities in supporting and developing community capacity' with S. Hacking (University of Central Lancashire) - in preparation for publication from completed Research project (see below)

'Did the words lead to actions? Questions of academic aspiration and community engagement' - in preparation for publication from Research Project (see below).

Research Projects/ Income Generation

Graduate Onwards, European Social Funded Project -developing a model of student personal and professional development and employability - Project Funds, £265,000. The bid was written and submitted by Professor G Heathcote who retired from the University in December 2006 (but remains an Emeritus Professor). The project was then managed at the Centre for Social Inclusion by myself and the project team being completed successfully on the deadline of 31st Dec 2007. Many aspects of this have now been further developed at MMU as part of the Employability agenda.

Developing a socially inclusive and sustainable model of community capacity building - funds from a successful University bid to the HEFCE funded Urban Regeneration -Making a Difference. I planned and submitted the bid and lead the project but a key feature of it was working in partnership with the Crewe and Nantwich Local Strategic Partnership, colleagues at University of Central Lancashire and Salford Universities. Project Funds, £33,000. Project successfully completed on due date 31st March 2007 (External and Internal Evaluation reports available - External - Hacking S and Doyle, M. (2008) Developing a sustainable and socially inclusive model of community capacity building, UCLAN ; Internal - West-Burnham. J (2008), Developing a sustainable and socially inclusive model of community capacity building. Project Report, MMU.).

The ARTSCOOL Project - A Case Study of Arts and Social Inclusion - action research project on the ARTSCOOL event s of 05, 06 & 07 organised at MMU. (For ARTSCOOL 05 and 06 I was successful with the ARTSCOOL Director at securing Arts Council funding of £75,000 and £60,000 respectively)

A small internal research project funded by Manchester Metropolitan University, Cheshire Faculty Research Committee, £2,000 on Full Circle Widening Participation based upon the working model introduced at MMU Cheshire.

Editorships and Consultancies


Sept 2001-2005   External Examiner, M.A. in Culture and Communications, School of English & American Studies, The University of East Anglia, Norwich

Mar-03   External Examiner (PhD), Cultural Studies, Murdock University, Australia

April, 2004   External Assessor for the National Research Foundation, Evaluation Centre, Pretoria, South Africa (Peer Review)

Sept 2008 current   External Examiner B.A. Undergraduate Programme, (English, Media and Broadcasting, Creative Writing), School of Humanities, Glynd^wr University, Wales

Consultancy and Research projects   

1993-2003   Member of the Management Group of the D.U.E.T (Development of University English Teaching) Project

1999-2001   Word of Mouth Programme, Research consultant

1998-2002   Stepping Stones Project, Co-ordinator

2001   Changing Cultures, Creating Opportunities with Dr. S. D'Cruze, a case study of educational expectation and aspiration of 14-16 yr olds in Crewe, Cheshire

2003   Contributing researcher and author of training materials and assessment criteria for students for European Social Funded Project (Leonardo da Vinci, Education and Culture,)-Social Inclusion Through Access to the Media Industries (SITAMI), with partnerships in Belgium, Hungary, and Greece

2002-2003   Contributing researcher and author of distance learning module on Multicultural Education and Diversity, European Social Funded project -CANDOR- (Changing the Attitude of Teachers through Normal and Distance Learning for Open Human Relationships) partners in Hungary and Germany.

2004-2005   Contributing researcher and workshop facilitator for European Social Funded Project, Fempowerment2 - which is concerned to provide diagnostic evidence for the need for particular kinds of support for students from particular widening participation groups such as women, ethnic minorities and students with disabilities.

2006-2008   Consultant to the Middlewich 2 project, Wulvern Housing, Crewe

Apr-08   Consultant Evaluation for University of York St John, HEFCE CELT Project - C4C CELT: Collaborating for Creativity Enhanced Learning Opportunity, Thinking Creatively, Writing Critically

International Associations   

2004-2007   Chair of the Region & Nation Literature Association (RNLA)

2000-curr   Executive Committee Member -The International Association of the Literatures of Region and Nation.

May 2003-current.   Membership of the Hellenic Association for the Study of English (HASE). Aristotle University, Thessalonica, Greece.

Sep-07 to Sep-09   Member of MEDIA4ME - a pan-European consortium of Universities and media creative industries to develop collaborative research, teaching materials and examples of best practice in media education

National and Regional Associations   

Jan 2005-Feb'06   Member, HEFCE Aim Higher Evaluation Steering Group

Jan '05-May '06   Vice Chair of the Crewe & Nantwich Local Strategic Partnership Lifelong Learning Partnership

May '06 -March 09   Chair, Crewe & Nantwich Local Strategic Partnership nLifelong Learning Partnership

April 09 -current   Member of Cheshire East Learning Communities Strategic Partnership

Jan 2005-March 09   Member of the Aim Higher Research Network, North West.

Sept '07-current   British Education Studies Association

Sept '08-current   School Governor (MMU Representative), Sandbach High School and Sixth Form College

Sept 09-current   Governor, Mid Cheshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Sept 09-current   MMU Representative on Crewe & Nantwich Local Strategic Partnership

Research Outputs


Roberts D., West-Burnham J.M. 2008. "'Speculate and Punish: British Lifestyle TV and the Anxious Body'" in: Zoe Detsi-Diamanti, Katerina Kirsa-Mitakakou and Effie Yiannopoulou (eds) The Flesh Made Text Made Flesh: Cultural and Theoretical Returns to the Body. Peter Lang, New York, 978-0-8204-6336-0. pp.139-151
isbn: 978-0-820463-36-0

West-Burnham J.M. 2008. "'Journeys in Memory, Forgetting and Hope'" in: Malgorzata Grzegorzewska and Aniela Korzeniowska (eds) DUET Encounters. Institute of English Studies, University of Warsaw.
isbn: 8-360269-11-4

West-Burnham J.M. 2005. "'Celebration of Diversity in Great Britain'" in: Zsuzsanna Benko & Klara Tarko (eds) Diversity and Multicultural Education. Juasz Gyula Felsooktatasi Kiado, Szeged, Hungary.

West-Burnham J.M., Moores J. 2005. "'Conflict Management: Multicultural and Intercultural Education'" in: Zsuzsanna Benko & Klara Tarko (eds) Diversity and Multicultural Education. Juasz Gyula Felsooktatasi Kiado, Szeged, Hungary.

West-Burnham J.M., Roberts D. 2003. "Whose China? Speaking the Self, Speaking the Nation, The Autobiographical Voice in Contemporary Chinese Literature" in: David Bell (eds) Literatures of Region and Nation. Mid- Sweden University Press.
isbn: 9-187908-53-0

Journal Articles

West-Burnham J.M. 2006. "'Full Circle Widening Participation: a model of social inclusion'" MMU Learning and Teaching in Action special edition, vol.5 no.1 vol.2 no.4,
issn: 1477-1241

Conference Presentations

West-Burnham J.M., Hacking S. 2008. "'Community Capacity Building'" at: Health and Social Change: Community Cohesion strand, RIHSC, MMU, Manchester.

West-Burnham J.M. 2005. ""Writing for your Life?"" at: Keynote Speaker, Doctorial Symposium, Department of Interdisciplinary Studies, MMU, Manchester.

West-Burnham J.M., Tomkinson K. 2005. ""A Different Approach to Student Support- an evaluation of MMU Cheshire Faculty's Student Staff Forum with regard to added value for learning and teaching" at: The Third MMU Cheshire Learning and Teaching Conference on Innovation.

West-Burnham J.M. 2005. ""Theoretical Musings in Search of Common Ground"" at: Region & Nation Literature Association, International Research Symposium, Evia, Greece.

West-Burnham J.M. 2004. "A self defined by difference": the boundaries of memory, imagination and fantasy in Lorna Sage's Memoir, Bad Blood" at: Region, Nation, Belonging Conference, The Tenth International Conference of the Region and Nation Literature Association, MMU, Manchester.

West-Burnham J.M. 2004. "What the Pupils Say; Student reactions to Aimhigher Taster Days" at: MMU:Cheshire, Getting Them In, Conference, MMU, Manchester.

West-Burnham J.M., Roberts D. 2003. "Speculate and Punish: British Lifestyle TV and the Anxious Body" at: The Flesh Made Text: Bodies, Theories, Cultures in the Post-Millennial Era.

West-Burnham J.M., Roberts D. 2002. "'Journey to the West:Chinese Literature and the Exiles Return, Amy Tan, The Bonesetter's Daughter and Gao Xingjian's, Soul Mountain'" at: The Ninth International Conference of the Region and Nation Literature Association, University of Natal, Faculty of Human Sciences, Durban, South Africa.

Roberts D.A., West-Burnham J.M. 2000. "'Whose China? Speaking the Self, Speaking the Nation: The Autobiographical Voice in Contemporary Chinese Literature'" at: The Eighth International Conference of the Region and Nation Literature Association, Mid-Sweden University, Ostersund, Sweden.

West-Burnham J.M., Roberts D.A. 1998. "That Was Then, This is Now: the Double Bind of Gender & Place in the writings of Pat Barker" at: The Seventh International Conference of the Region & Nation Literature Association, University of Mainz, Germany.

West-Burnham J.M., Roberts D.A. 1998. "'Consuming China 'Reading' the exotic in Playing for Thrills & Falling Leaves," at: Consumption: Fantasy, Success & Desire Conference, the Association for Research in Popular Fictions, Liverpool John Moores University.

West-Burnham J.M. 1998. "'It's Not Like This in the Movies: Representations of Teaching & Learning in Film'" at: Association of Cultural, Communication & Media Studies, Sheffield University.

West-Burnham J.M., Roberts D.A. 1997. "'Love & Death in the Emergency Room'" at: Medical Fictions Conference, John Moores University, Liverpool.

West-Burnham J.M., Fair A., Sears J.A. 1997. "'New Critical Paradigms: Issues of Pedagogy, Theory & Texts'" at: Future Perfect? Association of Media, Communications & Cultural Studies, Sheffield Hallam University.

West-Burnham J.M. 1995. "'Divine Interventions: Victorian Religion & the Process of Female Identity, Case Studies of Four Women Writers of the Period'" at: The Network for the Study of Implicit Religion, Denton International Conference, XV111.

West-Burnham J.M. 1995. "'Fedalma, The Angel of a Homeless Tribe: Issues of Religion, Race & Gender in George Eliot's poetic drama, The Spanish Gypsy'," at: Day Symposium, The Angel in the House: Victorian Images of the Religious Woman, LSU, Southampton.

West-Burnham J.M., Roberts D.A. 1994. "Poor Things? The Positioning of Writing, Nationhood as 'Otherness' in Contemporary Scottish Fiction" at: Fifth International Conference of the Region and Nation Literature Association, Bratislava, Slovak Republic,.

West-Burnham J.M. 1993. "'Fixing & Unfixing Feminism: Issue of Feminism & Contemporary Culture'" at: Gender & the Body Research Network, Crewe & Alsager Faculty, Manchester.

West-Burnham J.M., D'Cruze S. 1993. "'Shreds of Respectability: Re-reading Nineteenth Century Narratives of Women's Reputation and Sexual Violence" at: The Pankhurst Centre, Manchester.

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West-Burnham J.M. 1993. "What's Love Got to Do With It? Female Pop Videos & Female Fandom" at: Romance Revisited Conference, Lancaster University.

West-Burnham J.M., Princep B., Garret R. 1992. "'Severing the Ties? Problems of Methodology & Readings of Popular Culture'" at: From Pop to Postmodernism Conference, Crewe & Alsager College of H.E., Alsager.

West-Burnham J.M. 1991. "'Avoiding A New Hegemony of Women's Writing & Literature'" at: H.E.T.E. (Higher Education & Teaching of English) Conference, Staffordshire Polytechnic.

West-Burnham J.M. 1991. "'Twinned Pairs of Opposite Extremes: Vita Sackville West's, All Passion Spent & Pepita, 'Other' as Self" at: Women in the Modernist Period Conference, Nene College, Northampton.

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