Dr Jo-Pei TanSenior Lecturer

Dr Jo-Pei Tan is a Senior Lecturer at the Department of Social Work and Social Care, Manchester Metropolitan University. In 2009-2011, she was appointed as a Research Fellow in the Centre of Criminology and Sociology at Royal Holloway, University of London. She was awarded her DPhil in Evidence-Based Social Interventions by the University of Oxford. She also holds an MPhil in Social and Developmental Psychology from the University of Cambridge. Dr Tan was awarded the 2008 Young Researcher Award for the Category of Social Sciences and Humanities by the University of Putra, Malaysia when she worked with them.

Specialist Areas

Dr Tan's research and publications focus on how different aspects of culture impact parenting and socialization processes, and children behaviour. In particularly, among children, young people, parents and families from different cultural backgrounds (i.e. socio-cultural context, mixed versus monocultural, majority versus minority) and vulnerable groups (i.e. children in care, care leavers). She is also interested in the policy implications of research findings in the context of evidence-based interventions and how evidenced-based programme influence general population and at-risk groups. She is a mixed-methods researcher and specialises in both quantitative and qualitative methodologies. She is also an expert in multivariate analysis with extensive experience in examining the various models of parenting pratices across different groups and how it relate to children and young people behaviour.

Research Interests

  • Children's behavioral development in the context of parenting
  • The meanings of parenting behaviors and children and young people adjustment across and within different cultural contexts
  • The transcation of care within and beyond the family
  • Intergenerational relations and grandparenthood
  • Criminality and care leavers

Research Projects

  • The Development and Testing of Grandparenting Stressor-Strength Inventory in Malaysia (2014-2016)
    Source: Ministry of Higher Education Malaysia, RM58,310, Principal Investigator
  • Tackling Youth Crime: Mobile Apps in the Youth Justice System (2013-2014)
    Source: Nominet Trust (UK), £161,000, Co-Investigator
  • Analysis and adaptation of a measurement instrument for parenting/parenting-related skills, in collaboration with the NGO Pro Familia (2013-2014)
    Source: The Estonian Ministry of Social Affairs, Euro9,900, Co investigator/ Mixed methods Expert
  • Parents and Children in Families and in Cultures (PACIFIC), in collaboration with Department of Psychology at HELP University Malaysia and Brigham Young University, USA, (2011-2014)
    Source: Brigham Young University (in Provo, Utah, USA), USD30,000, Co-Investigator
  • Understanding the Mobile Device Usage of Young People (2012)
    Source: Association for Chief Police Officers (ACPO) (UK), £19,900, Co Investigator
  • Quality of Life of Established Amputees (Phase 1) (2012)
    Source: Limbless Association (UK), £10,000, Co Investigator/ Research methods Expert
  • Comparative Asian Family Survey (Malaysia) (2011-2012)
    Source: Global Center Of Excellence (GCOE), Kyoto University, Japan, USD46,000, Principal Investigator
  • Social Competency Among Emerging Adults in Universities, 2012
    Source: Institute of Malaysia Youth Development, Ministry of Sports & Youth, RM30,000, Principal Investigator
  • Developing a Model for Parenting Practices of Multicultural Families in Malaysia (2011-2013)
    Source: Ministry of Higher Education Malaysia, RM50,000, Principal Investigator
  • Filial Piety in Intergenerational Relations: A Moral Literacy Module for Malaysian Preschoolers, in collaboration with Institute of Gerontology, UPM (2011-2012)
    Source: Malaysian National Commission for UNESCO, RM80,000, Co Investigator
  • Intergenerational Influence, parental Involvement and Child-Adolescent Biopsychosocial Well-Being, (2010-2012)
    Source: Research Management Centre (RMC), UPM (Category of Capable Researcher), RM70,000. Co-Investigator
  • Benchmarking Parenting Competencies and its Correlates to Child Well-Being: Implications for Enhancing Human Capital Development, (2009-2011)
    Source: Research Management Centre (RMC), UPM (Category of High Impact Research Group), RM160,000, Co-Investigator
  • Evaluating the Effectiveness of Rumah Tunas Harapan Program in Malaysia, (2009-2010)
    Source: Department of Welfare Malaysia, collaboration with University Malaya, RM200,000, Co Investigator
  • Intergenerational Relationships and Adolescent Psychological Adjustment (2009-2010)
    Source: Research Management Centre (RMC), UPM , RM30,000, Principal Investigator
  • Involved Grandparenting and Children’s Well-being, (2007-2008)
    Source: Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC), £70,000, Researcher
  • Supporting Parents in Promoting Early Learning: The Evaluation of the Early Learning Partnership Project, (2007-2008)
    Source: Department for Children, School and Family (DCSF- UK), £80,000, Researcher
  • Intercultural and Monocultural Families in Malaysia: An Ecological Perspective, (2005-2006)
    Source: Dept of National Unity and Integration, at the Prime Minister’s Department, Malaysia, RM15,000, Principal Investigator

Research Outputs

Journal Articles

Ang, C. S., Mansor, A. T., Tan, J-P & Siti Nor, Y. (2014- in press) "Computer-Mediated Communication Use among Adolescents and Its Implication for Psychological Need Satisfaction", Pertanika Journal of Social Science & Humanities, 22 (4): XXX – XXX.

Barn, B. S., Barn, R. & Tan, J-P. (2014). "Young People and Smart Phones: An Empirical Study on Information Security", HICSS, 4504-4514, 2014 47th Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences.
Available online here.

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Supervised Research Student Titles

Dr Tan currently supervises a number of undergraduates and postgraduates carrying out research in Family Ecology, Psychology of Child Development or Developmental Psychology.

Jo-Pei Tan


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