Dr Jo AshbySenior Lecturer

Since graduating with a first class honours degree in Psychology at the University of Huddersfield in 2002 Dr Jo Ashby has worked on numerous research projects within the field of Social and Applied Health Psychology.

Jo is a fully qualified teacher with a PGCE awarded in 2005. In 2007 Jo joined the Division of Psychology at the University of Bradford where she obtained her PhD which was funded by the NHS and aimed to investigate the delivery of a coercive treatment program for offenders with alcohol misuse problems. Jo is currently publishing in the area of substance misuse treatment and behaviour change and is particularly interested in the relational aspect of treatment encounters.

Jo's research involves taking a pragmatic approach in order to understand the complex nature of treatment and addiction and consequently has experience in both qualitative and quantitative research methods. Jo is currently involved in further research with West Yorkshire Probation Service which aims to explore the efficacy of coercive alcohol treatment involving the exploration of reoffending rates for those who received treatment.

Research Interests

Jo's research interests are based within the field of social and health psychology. Jo has a specific interest in substance misuse and community treatment, particularly alcohol misuse, and how treatment programs have the potential to bring about positive behaviour change. Jo's recent research project aimed to explore the delivery of a treatment program for offenders with alcohol misuse problems. Jo has gained extensive experience in quantitative and qualitative research methods, although she has a particular interest in qualitative research methodology. More specifically she has explored the value of qualitative observational methods in providing unique insights into the interaction that occurs during treatment encounters.

Jo is currently writing in the area of:
Coercive treatment and behaviour change
Understanding the relational aspect of behaviour change
Reoffending rates as 'outcome' data for treatment efficacy

Jo has also worked on a wide range of funded projects related to applied health and well-being including:
Drug Testing and Treatment Orders for offenders in West Yorkshire
Community nursing and palliative care
Emancipatory research involving disabled people in the Bradford community
Understanding work-life balance and well-being
Mothers' experiences of the 'Birth Centre'

Research Outputs

Journal Articles

Ashby, J., and Horrocks, C. (under review) "Coercive treatment for alcohol misuse: an interactive and relational analysis", manuscript submitted to British Journal of Community Justice

Ashby, J., Horrocks, C., and Kelly, N. (2011) "Delivering the Alcohol Treatment Requirement: assessing the outcomes and impact of coercive treatment for alcohol misuse", Probation, Vol. 58:1, pp. 52-67

King, N., Melvin, J., Ashby, J., and Firth, J. (2010) "Community palliative care: role perception", British Journal of Community Nursing, Vol. 15: 2, pp. 1-8

Research Reports

Ashby, J., Horrocks, C., Redfern, D., and Marks, G. (2012) "Working practices, work-life balance and well-being: investigating employees' experiences of the Compressed Hours Pilot Scheme". Report commissioned by the University of Bradford's Estates and Facilities Department

Ashby, J. and Wilkinson, P. (2011) "'It's good that you are listening to our views because we've all got them' The voice of disabled people: An evaluation of service provision in the Bradford Metropolitan District". Report prepared for Bradford Metropolitan District Council; Physical and Sensory Needs from the Division of Psychology, School of Social Sciences and Humanities, University of Bradford

Ashby, J. (2011) "Ecoversity Campus Experience Project: A report presenting the analysis of student's experiences of the City Campus". Report prepared for the Director of Estates, University of Bradford from the Division of Psychology, School of Social Sciences and Humanities, University of Bradford

Ashby, J., Horrocks, C., and Kelly, N. (2009) "Delivering the Alcohol Treatment Requirement in Wakefield: Phase Two"

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