Ian DavidsonSenior Lecturer

I contribute to externally funded CPD activity (the Educator in Practice course). I have a very wide network of clinical/professional contacts and use this to identify potential joint, profit-making activity. I was part of a team that conducted a survey of practice that resulted in 2 publications. I enjoy teaching UG students about research and how they might use their skills to enhance their academic writing/clinical practice. My Masters dissertation was a qualitative design used to explore the experiences of student physiotherapists who have dyslexia.

Editorships and Consultancies

Journal Reviewer for:
Physiotherapy Theory and Practice

Research Outputs

Journal Articles

Davidson, I., Wilson, C., Walton, T., & Brissenden, S. (2009) "Physiotherapy and Guillain-Barré syndrome: results of a national survey", Physiotherapy, Vol 95 No3 157-163

Davidson, I., Wilson, C., Walton, T., Brissenden, S., Campbell., M and McGowan, L. (2010) "What constitutes a good recovery outcome in post-acute Guillain-Barre syndrome? Results of a Nationwide Survey of post-acute GBS sufferers in the United Kingdom", European Journal of Neurology, Vol 17, 677-683

Ian Davidson


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