Mr Gary WithamSenior Lecturer

Gary takes the lead for cancer, palliative and end of life care within the Nursing Department and is unit lead for Transition to Professional Practice on the BSc Nursing programme. Gary's clinical background was initially within upper GI surgery and predominately within oncology.

He has worked as clinical nurse specialist supporting patients with rare abdominal tumours and has been involved in clinical research examining information and decision making needs of patients with colorectal and breast cancer.

He has undertaken further clinical trials work and his current PhD work is examining the experiences of people living with cancer and dementia.

Research Interests

Cancer, vulnerability and dementia.

Research Outputs


Witham G. 2011. "Communicating with people with chronic and long term health needs" in: L. Webb (eds) Nursing: Communication Skills for Practice. Oxford University Press. pp.224-263
isbn: 978-0-199582-72-3

Journal Articles

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Conference Presentations

Witham G., Parkinson M. 2008. "Social support: a content analysis of an Internet patient forum for patients with a rare cancer" at: 15th International Conference on Cancer Nursing. Singapore.

Witham G., Tomlinson M. 2002. "Stage I of Colorectal cancer: an examination of decision-making preferences and barriers to involvement" at: North West Annual R&D Conference. Manchester, UK.

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