Ms Debra HayesSenior Lecturer

Debra was a probation officer in Greater Manchester and has been a senior lecturer at MMU since 1991. She teaches on both the undergraduate and postgraduate social work programmes, in particular on contemporary issues in social work and on her specialist area Asylum and Immigration.

Her research and publications are in the field of Asylum and Immigration. She regularly contributes to conferences in this area and maintains a practice focus with unaccompanied asylum seeking children.

Specialist Areas

Social work, Immigration and asylum
Asylum seekers

Research Interests

Asylum, Immigration and Social Work.

Debra is interested in all aspects of Anti-racist practice in social work and in the experiences of migrants entering the profession.

Research Outputs

Authored Books

Fell P., Hayes D. 2007. "What are They Doing Here? - A Critical Guide to Asylum and Immigration". Venture Press.
isbn: 978-1-861780-77-5 (1-861780-77-X)

Edited Books

Hayes D., Humphries B. (eds) 2004. "Social Work, Immigration and Asylum". Jessica Kingsley.
isbn: 978-1-843101-94-9 (1-843101-94-7)


Hayes, D. (in press) "Social Work with Asylum seekers and Refugees" in Worsley, A., Olsen, A., Mann, T. and Mason-Whitehead, E. (eds.) Key Concepts in Social Work Practice, London: Sage.

Hayes D. 2005. "Social Work with Asylum Seekers and Others Subject to Immigration Control" in: Robert Adams, Lena Dominelli and Malcolm Payne (eds) Social Work Futures: Crossing Boundaries, Making Connections. Palgrave. pp.182-194
isbn: 978-1-403916-14-3 (1-403916-14-4)

Hayes D. 2004. "History and Context: The Impact of Immigration Control on Welfare Delivery" in: Debra Hayes and Beth Humphries (eds) Social Work, Immigration and Asylum. Jessica Kingsley. pp.11-28
isbn: 978-1-843101-94-9 (1-843101-94-7)

Hayes D. 2002. "From Aliens to Asylum Seekers: A History of Immigration Controls and Welfare in Britain" in: Steve Cohen, Beth Humphries and Ed Mynott (eds) From Immigration Controls to Welfare Controls. Routledge. pp.30-46
isbn: 978-0-415250-83-2 (0-415250-83-8)

Conference Presentations

Hayes, D. (2013) "Teaching Asylum and Immigration in Social Work and Social care: challenges and opportunities", Research Institute for Health and Social Change 9th Annual Conference, Manchester, UK, 4-5 July

Other Responsibilities

MA Social Work course leader
Debra Hayes

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