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Member of the North West Public Health Teaching Network

Research Outputs

Authored Books

Smailes, S. and Street, C. (2011) The Health Studies Companion, Basingstoke: Palgrave MacMillan.


King M.S., Street C.G. 2004. "Mad Cows and Mad Scientists: What Happened to Public Health in the Battle for the Hearts and Minds of the Great British Consumer?" in: Martin King and Katherine Watson (eds) Representing Health: Discourses of health and illness in the media. Palgrave Macmillan. pp.115-132
isbn: 0-333997-87-5

Miller E., Smailes S.L., Stark S., Street C.G., Watson K. 2003. "Craving (un)certainty: Using SBL for Teaching Diversity in Health Care Contexts" in: E. Errington (eds) Developing Scenario-based Learning: Practical Insights for Tertiary Educators. Dunmore Press. pp.102-112
isbn: 978-0-864694-43-0 (0-864694-43-1)

Journal Articles

Chadwick, A., Street, C., McAndrew, S. and Deacon, M. (2012) "Minding our own bodies: Reviewing the literature regarding the perceptions of service users diagnosed with serious mental illness on barriers to accessing physical health care" in International Journal of Mental Health Nursing Vol 21, pp 211-219
doi: 10.1111/j.1477-0349.2011.00807.x

Morris J.E., Povey R.C., Street C.G. 2005. "Experience of people with type 2 diabetes who have changed from oral medication to self-administered insulin injections - a qualitative study" Practical Diabetes International, vol.22 no.7, pp.239-243
issn: 1528-252X doi: 10.1002/pdi.829

Marsden J.E., Street C.G. 2004. "A Primary Health Care Team's View of the Nurse Practitioner Role in Primary Care" Primary Health Care Research and Development, vol.5 no.1, pp.17-27
issn: 1477-1128 doi: 10.1191/1463423604pc181oa

Street C.G. 2003. "Vanished Twin: An exploration of Women's experiences" Birth, vol.30 no.1, pp.49-53
issn: 0730-7659 doi: 10.1046/j.1523-536X.2003.00216.x

Stark S., Warne A.R., Street C.G. 2002. "Practice Nurses and Integrated Care Examined" Primary Health Care Research and Development, vol.3 no.1, pp.11-21
issn: 1463-4236 doi: 10.1191/1463423602pc084oa

Stark S., Warne A.R., Street C.G. 2001. "Practice Nursing: an evaluation of a training practice initiative" Nurse Education Today, vol.21 no.4, pp.287-296
issn: 0260-6917 doi: 10.1054/nedt.2000.0548

Conference Presentations

Nambier-Greenwood G., Street C.G. 2010. "Utilizing a World Wide Web interactive learning tool in exploring personal and collaborative ethical decision-making tool" at: 2nd International Interprofessional for Health and Social Care Conference, Manchester. Between MMU, University of Manchester and University of Salford.

Nambier-Greenwood G., Street C.G. 2010. "'Forging New Frontiers for IPL-using a world wide web-based ethical decision making programme'" at: Stepping Up to the mark: Integrated Working, Working smarter, Working Better, Chester. University of Chester.

Warne A.R., King M.S., Street C.G., McAlonan C. 2006. "From fragmentation to integration in health and social care" at: Special Edition Nurse Education Today/Nurse Education in Practice.

Warne A.R., King M.S., Street C.G., McAlonan C. 2005. "What the health and social care workforce have to say about integrated primary health and social care" at: Shaping the Future, 1st National Conference. Manchester, UK.

Warne A.R., King M.S., Street C.G., McAlonan C. 2004. "The workforce views of Integrated Health and Social Care" at: Shaping the Future 1st Regional Conference. Manchester, UK.

Research Reports

Warne A.R., King M.S., Street C.G., McAlone C. 2006. "Shaping the Future for Primary Care Education and Training Project - Finding the evidence for Education and Training to deliver Integrated Health and Social Care: The Primary Workfore Perspective" for Primary Care Education and Training Project. University of Salford.

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