Dr Claire WorleySenior Lecturer in Social Policy

Research Interests

My research is driven by a critical approach to the study of social life, social policy and social care. Much of my research focuses on contemporary communities, and particularly the relationship between social policy and community. I have a specialist interest in the area of race, ethnicity and multiculturalism, alongside an interest in the intersections of race with other aspects of identity including gender and social class. My work is interdisciplinary and I take an eclectic theoretical approach inspired by thinkers from diverse backgrounds.

Teaching Activities

I have been teaching in the HE sector since 2000 and worked in various UK universities. I have taught students across a variety of social science degrees including Social Work, Advice Studies, Sociology, Cultural Studies, Social Policy, Social Change, Social and Community Studies and Social Care. I have experience of teaching at both undergraduate and postgraduate level.


BA (Hons) Social Science (Social Policy) - 1st Class Honours, Manchester Metropolitan University
MA Gender and International Development - University of Warwick
PhD - Identity, Community and Community Cohesion: A critical engagement with policy discourses and the everyday - University of Huddersfield

Courses Undertaken

Research Degree Supervision and Examination - Manchester Metropolitan University

Specialist Areas

Community cohesion
Race/ethnicity and processes of racialisation
Critical policy analysis
Urban regeneration

Editorships and Consultancies

Reviewer - Policy and Politics
Reviewer - Community, Work and Family Journal
Reviewer - ESRC
Reviewer - Social and Cultural Geography
Reviewer - JRF

Research Outputs


Kellock A., Lawthom R., Sixsmith J.A., Duggan K., Mountian I., Haworth J.T., Kagan C.M., Brown D.P., Griffiths J., Hawkins J., Worley C., Purcell C., Siddiquee A. 2011. "Using Technology and the Experience Sampling Method to Understand Real Life" in: S. Hesse-Biber (eds) The Handbook of Emergent Technologies in Social Research . Oxford University Press. pp.542-562
isbn: 978-0-195373-59-2

Mountian I., Lawthom R., Kellock A., Sixsmith J.A., Duggan K., Haworth J.T., Kagan C.M., Brown D.P., Griffiths J., Hawkins J., Worley C., Purcell C., Siddiquee A. 2009. "On Utilising a Visual Methodology: Shared Reflections and Tensions" in: P.Reavey (eds) Visual Psychologies: Using and Interpreting Images in Qualitative Research. Routledge, London.
isbn: 978-0-415483-48-3

Pierson J., Worley C. 2005. "Housing and Urban Regeneration Policy: Citizen and Community under New Labour" in: N. Sprigings and P. Somerville (eds) Housing and Social Policy. Routledge. pp.217-241
isbn: 978-0-415283-66-3 (0-415283-66-3)

Journal Articles

Worley, C. and Gill, S. (2013) "Community cohesion policies and meaningful interactions: ethnographic reflections on gender and inter ethnic relations in Northern England", Journal of Intercultural Studies, 34(1).

Gill S.S., Worley C. 2010. "'How did it go?' Negotiating race, racialisation and identity when teaching issues of race and equality in HE" Enhancing Learning and Teaching in the Social Sciences, vol.2 no.3,
issn: 1756-848X url: http://www.eliss.org.uk/CurrentIssueVol22/ViewArticlev2i2/tabid/272/itemid/116/pubtabid/284/repmodid/411/Default.aspx

Worley C. 2010. "Review of 'Barbara Bagilhole (2009), Understanding Equal Opportunities and Diversity: The Social Differentiations and Intersections of Inequality" Journal of Social Policy, vol.39 no.1, pp.173-175
issn: 0047-2794 doi: 10.1017/S004727940999033X

Bochel C., Bochel H., Sommerville P., Worley C. 2008. "Marginalised or Enabled Voices? 'User Participation' in Policy and Practice" Social Policy and Society, vol.7 no.2,
issn: 1474-7464 doi: 10.1017/S1474746407004150

Boylan J., Braye S., Worley C. 2006. "Life's a Gas? The Training Needs of Practitioners and Carers Working with Young People Misusing Volatile Substances" Social Work Education, vol.25 no.6, pp.591-607
issn: 1470-1227 doi: 10.1080/02615470600833493

Worley C. 2005. "'It's not about Race, it's about the Community': New Labour and Community Cohesion" Critical Social Policy, vol.25 no.4, pp.483-496
issn: 0261-0183 doi: 10.1177/0261018305057026

Conference Presentations

Worley, C. and Fisher, J. (2011) "Gendering the 'new politics' of a Big Society", RIHSC Annual Conference, Manchester, 2 July

Worley C., Fisher J. 2008. "From Blair to Brown - Discourses of 'Community' in a Changing New Labour" at: II International Conference on Community Psychology. Lisbon, Portugal.

Worley C. 2005. "Anti Racism Kirklees and community cohesion" at: Kirklees Racial Harassment Panel.

Worley C. 2005. "Discourses of community cohesion in New Labour policymaking: Implications for race and gender" at: University of Huddersfield Post-graduate Conference.

Worley C. 2004. "Community Cohesion: Notes from research" at: Leeds City Council Corporate Priorities Board.

Worley C. 2004. "The gendered dynamics of community cohesion" at: Social Policy Association Annual Conference, University of Nottingham. Nottingham, UK .

Worley C. 2004. "The dynamics of community, policy and identity in a northern England town" at: Post-graduate Conference, University of Huddersfield. Huddersfield, UK.

Worley C. 2004. "Theorising community, ethnicity and gender in New Labour's Community Cohesion policy agenda" at: British Sociological Association Annual Conference, University of York. York, UK .

Worley C. 2003. "Researching Communities in Communities" at: Post-graduate Conference, University of Huddersfield. Huddersfield, UK.

Smith J., Worley C. 2001. "Climbing the ladder? Evaluating the distance travelled by young people" at: YMCA conference. Swanwick, UK.

Research Reports

Worley C., Gilford S., Ing P. 2002. "Evaluation of Rape Crisis North Staffs and South Cheshire" for Staffordshire CHCR and Staffordshire University.

Boylan J., Braye S., Worley C. 2001. "Looking after Young People and Volatile Substance Abuse: The Training Needs of Social Workers and Foster Carers" for Re-Solv. Institute of Social Work and Applied Social Studies, Staffordshire University.

Worley C., Smith J. 2001. "Moving out, Moving on: From Foyer Accomodation to Independent Living" for London YMCA.

Worley C. 2001. "Buzzin, Sniffing, Tooting: Towards a Literature Review of Looked after Young People and Volatile Substance Abuse" for Re-Solv. Institute of Social Work and Applied Social Studies, Staffordshire University.

Other Types of Output

Worley C. 2010. "Contributor to Dictionary of Social Work: The Definitive A to Z of Social Work and Social Care" Open University Press.

Worley C. 2002. "Dictionary of Social Work: Specialist contributor on issues of gender, feminism, sexuality, postmodernism, volatile substance abuse and vulnerability" Collins.

Worley C. 2002. "Where do young people go when they move on?" vol.8 no.1. YMCA Images. pp.7-9

Supervised Research Student Titles

Social marginalisation in Higher Education
Running for Social Change

Current Teaching Input

Level 4 - Academic tutor (BA (Hons) Social Care)
Level 4 - Changing Communities, Challenging Practice (BA (Hons) Social Care)
Level 6 - Contemporary Communities: Issues and Debates in Policy and Practice (BA (Hons) Social Care)
Level 6 - Independent Research Supervisor (BA (Hons) Social Care)

Research Centre

Social Change & Wellbeing


Social Work & Social Change Dept
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53 Bonsall Street
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Tel: 0161 247 2146

Email: c.worley@mmu.ac.uk

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