Dr Christopher WibberleyPrincipal Lecturer

Specialist Areas

Bricolage and mixed methods
Practice-based research in health and social care

Research Interests

The use of bricolage and other multi-method approaches (including mixed methods) to the study of health and social care.
Narrative explorations of experiences of: health conditions/disorders; transitions into healthcare education and employment; health and social care service use.
Practice-based research/ Practitioner research/ Analysing professional practice.
Illicit drug use amongst young people; the needs of people with problematic drug use.

Editorships and Consultancies

Peer reviewer: Journal of Mixed Methods Research; International Journal of Qualitative Studies on Health and Well-Being; Addiction Research & Theory; Drugs: education, prevention & policy; Health Education Research; Journal of Child Health Care; Journal of Substance Use

Research Outputs

Book Chapters

Hamshire, C. and Wibberley, C (2013) "The listening project: Physiotherapy students narratives of their higher education experiences", in Understanding and Developing Student Engagement

Journal Articles

Wilson, S., King, M., Yeowell, G. and Wibberley, C. (2016) "Disclosure decisions within transition narratives: How ex-drug users decide what information to share when working towards employment in the substance misuse field", Journal of Substance Use, 1-6.

Murphy, N. Fatoye, F. Wibberley C. (2013) "The changing face of newspaper representations of the mentally ill", Journal of Mental Health

Hamshire, C., Willgoss, T.G. and Wibberley, C. (2013. "Mind the gaps - health professions students' views of student support services", Widening Participation and Lifelong learning, Vol 14 pp 108-127

Hamshire, C., Willgoss, T.G. and Wibberley, C. (2013) "Should I stay or should I go? A study exploring why healthcare students consider leaving their programme", Nurse Education Today, 33(8), pp.889-895

Hamshire, C., Willgoss, T. G., & Wibberley, C. (2012). "What are reasonable expectations? Healthcare student perceptions of their programmes in the North West of England", Nurse Education Today, in press.
doi: 10.1016/j.nedt.2012.02.014

Hamshire C., Willgoss T. & Wibberley C. 2012. "'The placement was probably the tipping point really' - The Narratives Of Recently Discontinued Students", Nurse Education in Practice, 12:4, pp.182-186
url: http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.nepr.2011.11.004

Price O. & Wibberley C. 2012. "An exploratory study investigating the impact of the security procedures used to manage patient substance misuse in a medium secure forensic unit on nurse-patient relationships" - accepted by Journal of Psychiatric & Mental Health Nursing in press (Price & Wibberley)

Wibberley C. 2012 "Getting to Grips with Bricolage: a personal account" - accepted by The Qualitative Report, Vol. 17, Article 50, pp.1-8

Body, R, McDowell G, Carley S, Wibberley C, Ferguson J, & Mackway-Jones K (2011) "A FABP-ulous 'rule out' strategy? Heart fatty acid binding protein and troponin for rapid exclusion of acute myocardial infarction", Resuscitation, 82(8), pp.1041–1046

Body R., Carley S., McDowell G., Jaffe A., France M., Cruickshank K., Wibberley C., Nuttall M., Mackway-Jones K. 2011 "Rapid exclusion of acute myocardial infarction in patients with undetectable troponin using a high sensitivity assay" Journal of the American College of Cardiology Vol.58 No.13, pp.1322-1329

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Roy A., Wibberley C., Lamb J. 2005. "The usual suspects: alchol, tobacco and other drug use in 15-16 year old school pupils - prevalence, feelings and perceived health risks" Drugs: Education, prevention and policy, vol.12 no.4, pp.305-315
issn: 0968-7637 doi: 10.1080/09687630500095869

Wibberley C., Dack L., Smith M. 2002. "Research-minded practice in substance (mis)use services" Journal of Substance Use, vol.7 no.1, pp.19-23
issn: 1465-9891 doi: 10.1080/14659890110110419

Wibberley C., Patel K. 2002. "Young Asians and Drug Use" Journal of Child Health Care, vol.6 no.1, pp.51-59
issn: 1741-2889 url: http://chc.sagepub.com/cgi/reprint/6/1/51.pdf

Conference Presentations

Hamshire, C. and Wibberley, C. (2012) "Mind the gap - Healthcare students' experiences of Student Services", NET Conference, Cambridge, 4-6 September

Hamshire C. & Willgoss T. & Wibberley C. 2012. "Are we setting reasonable student expectations?" 4th International Nurse Education Conference, Baltimore, USA

Hamshire C. & Willgoss T. & Wibberley C. 2012 "Why do students leave? Learning from the narratives of discontinued students" HEA conference: What Works? Student Retention and Success, York, UK

Wibberley C. Hamshire C. & Murphy N. 2008. "Mission impossible: is mixed methods possible at Master's level?" International Mixed Methods Conference, Cambridge, UK

Wibberley C. 2007. "Do I Wanna Be in Your Gang: A Reflection on the Mixed Methods Community" at: 3rd International Mixed Method Conference. Cambridge, UK.

Wibberley C. 2002. "Promoting Research in Practice in the substance misuse field" at: ANSA. York, UK.

Wibberley C. 2002. "Workshop leader: Developing a research culture in practice" at: Addictions Forum. Durham, UK.

Internet Publications

Stark S., Franks H., Jones E.M., Stronach I.M., Wibberley C. 2002. "Evaluation of Primary Schools/Primary Care Initiative, Final Report" Department of Health. url: http://www.wiredforhealth.gov.uk/pdf/pspchl_mmu_report_2003.pdf

Stark S., Franks H., Jones E.M., Stronach I.M., Wibberley C. 2002. "Four Case Studies" Department of Health. url: http://www.wiredforhealth.gov.uk/pdf/pspchl_mmu_report_2003.pdf

Supervised Research Student Titles

Advanced Nursing Practice

Emotional Nurse Being: a Heideggerian Hermeneutical Analysis

Cannabis, Identity and the Male Teenage Friendship Group

Clinical decision rules to enable exclusion of acute coronary syndromes in the emergency department

The "treatability" of Personality Disorder in a Special Hospital setting Outreach anticoagulation of injecting drug users with deep vein thrombosis

Interaction mechanisms and group dynamics among amphetamine users

Women's use of heroin – presenting stories

Health Promotion with men who have sex with men in public places

Continuing Nurse Education: the case of military nurses in Jordan

Quality Policy in Specialist Health Promotion Services

Exploring the role of psychiatric nurses working in medium secure environments

Why some students use WebCT within a blended learning project and others do not

Issues arising from the diversion and use of prescription medications among problematic drug users in a northern conurbation

Current Teaching Input

Research methods, such input occurring on the MSc Practice Development; Professional Doctorate (relating to Health & Social Care); MSc Physiotherapy (Pre-Registration); and BA Social Care
Post-graduate and Undergraduate Research Supervision
Academic Practice: Postgraduate Research Supervision and Examination

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