Dr Asiya SiddiqueeLecturer

Specialist Areas

Community psychology, social capital and the internet

Research Outputs

Authored Books

Kagan C.M., Burton M., Duckett P.S., Lawthom R., Siddiquee A. 2011. "Critical Community Psychology". Wiley-Blackwell, Oxford.
isbn: 978-1-405188-84-5


Kagan C.M., Duggan K., Richards M., Siddiquee A. 2011. "Community Psychology" in: P.R. Martin, F.M. Cheung, M.C. Knowles, M. Kyrios, L. Littlefield, J.B. Overmier and J.M. Prieto (eds) IAAP International Handbook of Applied Psychology. Wiley-Blackwell. pp.471-499
isbn: 978-1-405193-31-3

Kellock A., Lawthom R., Sixsmith J.A., Duggan K., Mountian I., Haworth J.T., Kagan C.M., Brown D.P., Griffiths J., Hawkins J., Worley C., Purcell C., Siddiquee A. 2011. "Using Technology and the Experience Sampling Method to Understand Real Life" in: S. Hesse-Biber (eds) The Handbook of Emergent Technologies in Social Research . Oxford University Press. pp.542-562
isbn: 978-0-195373-59-2

Mountian I., Lawthom R., Kellock A., Sixsmith J.A., Duggan K., Haworth J.T., Kagan C.M., Brown D.P., Griffiths J., Hawkins J., Worley C., Purcell C., Siddiquee A. 2009. "On Utilising a Visual Methodology: Shared Reflections and Tensions" in: P.Reavey (eds) Visual Psychologies: Using and Interpreting Images in Qualitative Research. Routledge, London.
isbn: 978-0-415483-48-3

Burton M., Siddiquee A., Kagan C.M. 2008. "Action Research" in: C. Willig and W. Stainton-Rogers (eds) Handbook of Qualitative Research Methods in Psychology. Blackwell.
isbn: 978-1-412907-80-4

Kagan C.M., Sixsmith J.A., Siddiquee A., Bol S., Lawthom R., Kilroy A. 2007. "Participation, Wellbeing and Creativity: Community Psychology meets Participatory Arts" in: A. Bokszczanin (eds) Social Change in Solidarity: Community Perspectives and Approaches. Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Opolskiego.
isbn: 987-8-383752-64-5

Kagan C.M., Lawthom R., Siddiquee A., Duckett P.S., Knowles K.B. 2007. "Community psychology through community action learning" in: A. Bokszczanin (eds) Social Change in Solidarity: Community Perspectives and Approaches. Opole: Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Opolskiego.
isbn: 987-8-383752-64-5

Journal Articles

Siddiquee, A. Lawthom, R., Sixsmith, J. and Haworth, J. (in press) "Using Experience Sampling method to explore flow", Leisure Studies

Siddiquee, A., Sixsmith, J., Lawthom, R. & Haworth, J. (2014) "Paid work, lifework and leisure: a study of wellbeing in the context of academic lives in higher education", Leisure Studies
DOI: 10.1080/02614367.2014.967711

Swindells, R., Lawthom, R., Rowley, K., Siddiquee, A., Kilroy, A., Kagan, C. (2013). "Eudaimonic well-being and community arts participation", Perspectives in Public Health, 133 (1), 60-65.

Siddiquee A., Kagan C.M. 2006. "The Internet, Empowerment, and Identity" Journal of Community and Applied Social Psychology, vol.16 no.3, pp.189-206
issn: 1099-1298 doi: 10.1002/casp.855

Conference Presentations

Lawthom, R., Siddiquee, A., Swindells, R., Rowley, K. & Kagan, C. (2012) "Connections and challenges researching the impact of arts practices on health and wellbeing", Research Institute for Health and Social Change 8th Annual Conference, Manchester, UK, 2-3 July

Internet Publications

Siddiquee A. 2002. "Evaluation of the Health Voice Network" url: http://www.healthvoice-uk.net/pages/data/hvnevaluation.pdf

Research Reports

Siddiquee A., Kagan C.M., de Santis C., Ali R. 2008. "We find ourselves in them and they find themselves in us. Evaluation of Intergen: Intergenerational understanding, wellbeing and social capital" for

Siddiquee A., Kagan C.M. 2005. "Review of the East Manchester Neighbourhood Nuisance Team" for RIHSC, Manchester Metropolitan University.

Supervised Research Student Titles

The Role of Social Factors in Adult Learning

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