Mr Andy BellSenior Lecturer

Specialist Areas

Philosophical aspects of Psychology

Research Interests

Small-scale collaborative project with Cambridge University (Department: Cambridge Assessment): an evaluation of possible concurrent validity between the 'Students' Personal Styles Questionnaire/SPSQ (Cambridge) and the 'Big Five for Students'/MMU.
Translation of the BFFS into French: Akli Slimani (Professional translator - English to French - Sheffield: UK)
Production of the online version of the BBFS - Agreement signed (July 2013) between the MMU and Climbing Turn Ltd. (Hitchin: UK). Project completion estimated December 2014
Public opinion regarding the provision of care in STI clinics.
Hypnosis and smoking cessation.
Evaluation of University of Cambridge's "Thinking Skills Assessment".
Predictors of performance at degree level.

Editorships and Consultancies

Editor: MMU Psychology Journal (Dissertations)
Editor: MMU Psychology Journal (Dissertations) UK

Research Outputs

Journal Articles

Rowley, K. & Bell, A. (2009). "The Interrelationships between Assessment Marks within a First-Year Undergraduate Programme: Some Implications for Aggregating Marks and Recording Achievement", Pedagogical Research in Maximising Education, 3 (2), 153-163.

Conference Presentations

Bakewell, C., Bell, A. & Rowley, K. (2012). "Personality & Academic Experience: the 'Big Five for Students' (BFFS)", Faculty Learning and Teaching Conference: Enhancing Students' Experiences MMU, 6 July

Bell A.J. 2005. "Evaluation of University of Cambridge's Thinking Skills Assessment" at: Trent & Yorkshire Forum.

Current Teaching Input

History & Philosophy
Practical Psychology

Other Responsibilities

Examinations Officer
Outreach work with schools and colleges

Research Centre

Health, Rehabilitation and Psychology


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