Social Change and Wellbeing (SCWB)

Wellbeing, Ageing and Social Care Research Group

Convenors: Professor Judith Sixsmith and Professor Eileen Fairhurst

The Well-Being Ageing and Social Care Research Group is committed to theoretical and methodological development, applied perspectives and critical evaluation of issues which affect people who become marginalised within current social systems.

Research work is located at all levels of analysis taking into account the ways in which people’s everyday lives are constructed and re-constructed within organisational structures and cultures and embedded within historical and social policy contexts.

A trans-disciplinary, multi-method and stakeholder perspective to understanding complex situations and bringing together multiple viewpoints provides pathways into the use of findings to promote organisational and social change.

Researchers within the group have developed strong reputations for working at the interface of people, services and places, contesting established norms and developing new avenues for research and action. Taking this agenda of work into the local, national and international arena is emphasised. As such, projects have been conducted with small community based agencies as well as on a European and trans-American scale. Links with charitable organisations, local government, health services, universities across Europe and National/European research funding bodies underpin the various programmes of work

Research Active Staff: Judith Sixsmith, Eileen Fairhurst, Sue Baines, Carolyn Kagan, Rebecca Lawthom, Paul Duckett, Bill Campbell, John Griffths, John Haworth, Martin King, Paul Wilkins, Ken McLaughlin, Carolyn Downs

The four research strands within the Well-Being, Ageing and Social CareResearch Group are described below:

Research Strands in the Group