Social Change and Wellbeing (SCWB)

Critical Community and Disability Studies Research Group

Convenors: Professor Carolyn Kagan and Professor Dan Goodley

This research group embraces projects that are in collaboration with local people, community, voluntary, activist and human service organisations.

We are particularly interested in finding creative ways to evaluate community projects and to facilitate change in human services, as well as develop understanding about contemporary social change processes. Lived experience, participation and wellbeing are at the core of the research, and we try to work in ways that understand both processes and outcomes of change for people.

We link closely with other research groups in RIHSC as well as with the Manchester Institute for Research In Art and Design (MIRIAD) and the Manchester Institute for Sport and Physical Activity.

The group has particular strength in the areas of community and political activism with a strong focus on disability and colleagues have developed key web resources in these area including

Community Psychology in UK Higher Education , Community Psychology UK and Disability Studies Association e-newsletter.

Research Strands in the Group