Social Change and Wellbeing (SCWB)

Centre co-ordinator: Dr Rebecca Lawthom

This interdisciplinary centre engages in research, which informs theory, policy and practice, enhances effectiveness of organisations, celebrates diversity and works within a social justice framework to enhance people's lives, health and well being. The focus is on social change within communities, workplaces and households, and implications for well-being across the life course.

Research projects involve collaboration at regional, national and international levels with other activists, practitioners, policy makers and other academic institutions. Current and recent projects are funded by the European Union, ESRC, AHRC and LIME. The international journal Community, Work and Family and the Disability Studies Association Monthly e-newsletter are edited within the Centre.

There are two main research groups in the Centre with a number of associated research strands:

Critical Community and Disability Studies

Well Being, Ageing and Social Care

Our webpages detail these Centres, Strands and indicative research projects. You will also find links to staff pages for details of publications.

Research Projects include:


Dr Sarah Galvani

Dr Carolyn Kagan

Dr Rebecca Lawthom

Dr Michael Loughlin

Dr Hugh McLaughlin

Dr Katherine Runswick-Cole


Dr Susan Baines

Jan Bourne-Day

Dr Peter Brennan

Dr Geoff Bunn

Prof Erica Burman

Dr Bill Campbell

Neil Carey

Dr Jennifer Cole

Dr Paul Duckett

Karen Duggan

David Edmondson

Dr Jenny Fisher

Kathleen Fitzgibbon

Ali Gardner

Dr John Goldring

Prof Dan Goodley

John Griffiths

Dr Natalie Hammond

Philomena Harrison

Debra Hayes

Kathryn Heathcote

Dr David Holmes

Susan Jones

Dr Martin King

Dr Susanne Langer

Dr Sandy Lo

Dr Janet Low

Helen Mayall

Geraldine McCusker

Dr Ken McLaughlin

Dr Steve Nesbitt

Teresa O'Neill

Dr Lisa Oakley

Prof Ian Parker

Dr Ken Parsons

Liz Pell

Dr Alan Phipps

Ann Potter

Dr Isabel Rodriguez

Sarah Rutherford

Dr Asiya Siddiquee

Prof Judith Sixsmith

Sophie Smailes

Prof Janet Stoppard

Dr Rachel Swindells

Debbie Thackray

Dr Claire Worley

Dr Gemma Yarwood

Chris Yianni