Health, Rehabilitation and Psychology (HRP)

Disability, Injury and Rehabilitation Research Group


This research examines the impacts of interventions on patients’ quality of life and health-care utilisation. It also explores biomechanical and psychological factors in various musculoskeletal conditions, in order to improve knowledge and clinical practice.

Members: Louise Ewan, Neil Fowler, Peter Goodwin, Rachel Graham, Abebaw Yohannes, Geraldine Lee-Treweek, Sandra Lewis, Islay McEwan, Neil Roach, Fay Windsor, Keith Winwood, Steve Woby.

Current and recent projects include:

  • Biomechanical and psychophysiological factors in low back pain (contact Neil Fowler, Sandra Lewis, Steve Woby, Paul Holmes)
  • A Prospective Study of Physiotherapist Prescribed Community Based Exercise in Inflammatory Peripheral Neuropathy (contact Rachel Graham)