Health, Rehabilitation and Psychology (HRP)

Applied Behavioural Sciences
in Health Research Group


This strand includes research into the neuroscientific mechanisms involved in the representation of human action. Work includes fundamental studies of brain activity during observation of action through to optimising observational learning of skills and applying imagery more effectively to stroke patients and elite sports performers.

Members: Paul Holmes, Gladys Pearson, Nick Smith, Derek Ashford, Craig McAllister, John Stirling, Louise Ewan

Collaborators: Claire Calmels (INSEP), Martin Edwards (Birmingham ), Jennifer Cumming ( Birmingham ), Mark Williams (LJMU)

Current and recent projects include:

  • Action observation modulation of the TMS motor evoked potential response: The influence of psychosocial context. In collaboration with University of Birmingham (contact Paul Holmes, Craig McAllister)
  • Changes in imagery ability following extended periods of action observation In collaboration with University of Birmingham (contact Paul Holmes)
  • Eye movement characteristics of elite shotgun shooters: the quiet eye. In collaboration with LJMU (contact Paul Holmes, Nick Smith)
  • Electroencephalographic activity during action observation and execution: the influence of task complexity. In collaboration with INSEP, France. (contact Paul Holmes)