Health, Rehabilitation and Psychology (HRP)

Applied Behavioural Sciences
in Health Research Group


This strand includes research into a range of mental health issues, including schizophrenia, psychosis, cannabis use, children's exercise and Parkinson's disease.

Members: Marie Ashmore, Gillian Burgess, Maureen Deacon, Toni Haire, Abebaw Johannes, Kath Kinmond, Geraldine Lee-Treweek, Andrea Livesey, Diane Loggenburg, Andrew Parker, Nick Smith, John Stirling, Lucy Webb

Current and recent projects include:

  • Exploring the origins and personality correlates of paranormal belief(s) (contact Neil Dagnall)
  • The cognitive basis of psychotic-like symptoms in non-clinical samples; an exploration of cognitive mechanisms that may distinguish individuals with different levels of trait schizotypy (contact David Bradbury and John Stirling)
  • Meta-cognition and insight impairments (and their remediation) in schizophrenia : How do these measures interact in relation to current symptomatology, and can cognitive remediation therapy be ‘tailored’ to improve functioning? (contact Heather Wood and John Stirling)
  • Cannabis use and effects in relation to schizotypy and cannabis experiences in people with a psychotic illness (contact John Stirling)
  • Predictors of long-term outcome in psychosis ; data from the 10-12 yr follow up of the Manchester first episode psychosis cohort, and plans to undertake a 20 year follow–up of the same group (contact John Stirling)
  • Quality of life in Parkinson’s disease: Parkinson's disease, quality of life, general models of well-being, and evaluation of psycho-social treatment approaches for people with Parkinson's. ( contact person Diane Loggenburg)
  • The effects of exercise on cognitive biases to threat in anxious individuals (contact Nick Smith, Nick Lund )
  • Service evaluation of provision for people with dual diagnosis of mental health and drug use (contact Sabrina Schulte and John Stirling)
  • Caring for the carers: counselling support for the carers of stroke patients ( Kath Kinmond, Toni Haire)
  • Motivational climates for exercise and physical activity in school age children (contact Gillian Burgess, Andrea Livesey)
  • Mental health liaison in substance misuse services. ADSIS project. (contact person Lucy Webb)
  • Substance misuse service provision: management of shared care and treatment access - the Turning Point project (contact person Lucy Webb)
  • A critical reading of evidence-based practice (contact person Lucy Webb )