Health, Rehabilitation and Psychology (HRP)

Applied Behavioural Sciences in Health Group


This strand includes research into aspects of communication development, personality and cognition

Members : Neil Dagnall, Juliet Goldbart, Gary Munley, Janice Murray, Maria O'Neil, Andrew Parker, Jacqueline Wheatcroft

Current and recent projects include:

  • An international project researching language development skills in aided communication users. This is a multi-cultural, multi-lingual and multi-symbol based project (contact Janice Murray)
  • Communication Aids Measurement and Performance Study. This project will explore aspects of discourse in adult users of communication aid technology (contact Janice Murray).
  • Achieving Best Evidence and Justice: Paper to police - practice explorations of learning disability in the UK and Australia (contact Jacqueline Wheatcroft).
  • The Cognitive Interview: Its effectiveness amongst an Arabic sample (contact Jacqueline Wheatcroft and Aiman el Asam)
  • Cognitive and neuropsychological aspects of social inhibition and facilitation. (contact Jacqueline Wheatcroft)
  • The effectiveness of guidance strategies in counteracting negative effects of cross-examination. (contact Jacqueline Wheatcroft)
  • The effects of courtroom question type and questioning styles on Police officers' perceptions of giving evidence in court. (contact Jacqueline Wheatcroft)
  • Police perceptions of interview techniques. (contact Jacqueline Wheatcroft)
  • Bi-lateral eye movements , explicit and implicit memory, dual processes in memory, false memory, personality factors and false memory (contacts: Andrew Parker, Neil Dagnall, Gary Munley)