Health, Rehabilitation and Psychology Research Centre

Centre co-ordinator: Dr Julie Marshall
Deputy co-ordinator: Dr Juliet Goldbart

The members of HRP are engaged in wide-ranging inter- and multi-disciplinary research in the fields of health services, disability and rehabilitation, learning disability and applied behavioural science.

Research interests include aspects of physical and mental health, cognition and language, learning disability, musculo-skeletal conditions, neuromotor conditions, cognitive neuroscience, cognitive psychology and the provision and evaluation of health services.

There are four main research groups in the HRP Centre, each with associated strands and individual project areas. Individuals may belong to one or more group.

Applied Behavioural Science

Disability, Injury and Rehabilitation

Learning Disability Group

Our webpages detail the groups, strands and indicative research projects. You will also find links to individual staff pages for details of publications, research interests and projects.

Members of this research centre include: