Project ProfileSupporting services for children with communication disability in Northern Rwanda. Working with Chance for Childhood’s Education Equality and Empowerment project

Principal InvestigatorJulie Marshall

  • Start Date1 March, 2015
  • End Date30 September, 2015

External Providers and Collaborators

Projects Aims

The EEE project aims to support children with additional needs (in particular children who are deaf or who have communication difficulties), to access education in mainstream schools and to be integrated into and accepted by their local communities.

MMU's involvement with this project is to:

  • support EEE staff in identifying and delivering support to children with communication difficulties in Northern Rwanda;
  • support EEE staff in monitoring and evaluation of aspects of the project and analysing mapping data that has been collected about children and young people with disabilities, in three districts of northern Rwanda;
  • develop collaborative research projects and disseminate project findings.


Two visits to Musanze, Rwanda, by Julie Marshall, in March and July 2015 to:

  • Set goals and activities related to developing services for people with communication disabilities in northern Rwanda, using Theory of Change;
  • carry out training with EEE staff;
  • train teachers, parents of children with communication disabilities and other community members;
  • work with EEE on analysis and dissemination of project data and on new collaborative research.


  • Paper to be presented at the 6th East African Speech and Language Therapy Conference
  • Academic and/or professional journal papers.