The Research Institute for Health and Social Change (RIHSC) is a cross-disciplinary institute that brings together internationally recognised, innovative research in Health and Social Change, embracing the disciplines of Psychology, Physiotherapy, Nursing, Speech and Language Pathology, Social Work, Social Care and Social Science.

Strongly established and widely published in the field, RIHSC brings together an impressive array of R&D activity within MMU and across our extensive regional, national and international networks.

The key strands of this work are:

  • innovations in health, psychology and social care
  • interdisciplinary research
  • policy development
  • communication impairment
  • social change and wellbeing
  • critical theoretical social research
  • cognitive psychology

To support these activities we work in partnership with external organisations across the UK, Europe and beyond to address and integrate challenges in allied health and social care, social inclusion, culture and community, individual, group and organisational behaviour and social insights.

RIHSC is organised into two centres reflecting the two major themes:

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